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Cancer whole genome sequencing (WGS)

Whole Genome Sequencing (Whole Genome Sequencing, WGS) is the use of high-throughput Sequencing platform for the he Whole Human Genome Sequencing of different individuals or groups, and has comprehensive mining genetic variation of DNA level for screening cancer driver genes, and providing important information to study cancer pathogenesis. 

Whole genome sequencing (WGS) uses a high-throughput sequencing platform to sequence the whole human genome and provides comprehensive analysis in genetic variations at the individual level or population level. This can be used to discover new cancer driver genes and study the genetic basis of tumorigenesis.

Technical highlights: 

WGS is able to detect copy number variants (CNVs), structural variants (SVs), virus integration sites, and mutations in non-coding regions, with great data coverage and quick turnaround times.

Technical platform: 

HiSeq X Ten sequencer

Technical specifications:

• Sample requirement

Sample types: DNA;  

Sample amount: >=1.0 ug DNA (extracted from fresh or frozen samples);

>= 1.5 ug DNA (extracted from FFPE samples);

Sample concentration: >=20 ng/ul;

• Capture platforms: Agilent SureSelect Kit;

• Sequencing platform: HiSeq X Ten;

• Sequencing strategy: HiSeq PE150;

• Sequencing depth: tumor carcinoma tissue (50 x), normal tissue/blood samples (30x), hereditary disease (30 ~ 50 x);Data volume: 1.8 Tb;

• Turnaround time: 48 days.