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Cancer targeted panel sequencing

Targeted panel sequencing enriches the targeted DNA region followed by high-throughput DNA sequencing. Through studying a large number of samples at targeted regions, cancer-related gene variants can be identified and validated for clinical diagnosis and drug development.

Technical highlights

(1) Guided information: Focusing on targeted genomic regions.

(2) High accuracy: Focused sequencing in targeted regions for better coverage and higher accuracy; improved detection sensitivity for rare variants.

(3) Cost-effective and efficient: Higher throughput, especially for large sample size studies.

(4) Faster: Shortened research period, speeding up study publication and accelerating clinical applications.

Technical specifications:

•Sample requirement

•Sample types: DNA;

•Sample amount: >=1.0 ug DNA (extracted from fresh or frozen samples);

•>= 1.5 ug DNA (extracted from FFPE samples);

•Sample concentration: >=20 ng/ul;

•Capture platforms: Agilent SureSelect Kit;

•Sequencing platform: HiSeq X™ Ten;

•Sequencing depth: carcinoma tissue (500 x), normal tissue/blood samples (250x),

•Turnaround time: 42 days.