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Cancer long non-coding RNA (lncRNA) sequencing (LncRNAseq)

LncRNA (long non-coding RNA) refers to long non-coding RNA with over than 200nt. By binding to DNA, RNA or protein, it regulates gene expression epigenetically, at the transcriptional or post-transcriptional level. LncRNA has been shown to be related to human cancer. LncRNA - seq analyzes all LncRNA and mRNA in the sample.

Technical specifications:

•Sample requirement

•RNA sample amount: >= 1.5 ug;

•RNA sample concentration: >= 100 ng/ul;

•Sequencing strategy: HiSeq PE150;

•Data volume: 12Gb clean data for normal-depth sequencing and 24Gb clean data for high-depth sequencing

•Turnaround time: 60 days.