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Cancer-related immune repertoire sequencing (TCRseq)

Immune repertoire sequencing (IR SEQ) is the sum total of functionally diverse B and T cells circulating in a person at any given moment. T cell receptor (TCR) and B cell receptor (BCR) are specific antigen recognition and immune response mediating molecules, and the diversity of TCR/BCR directly reflects the status of the body's immune response. Genetron Health uses multiplex PCR and 5 RACE technology to amplify the complementary determining region (CDR) followed by high-throughput sequencing for the determination region in BCR or TCR. Immune repertoire sequencing provides great value in early diagnosis, antibody discovery, vaccine design, immune system development, treatment for infectious diseases and autoimmune diseases, as well as cancer immunotherapy.

Technical specifications:

•Sample requirement

•Sample type: RNA sample

•RNA sample amount: >= 3 ug(extracted from peripheral blood samples)

>=5 ug (extracted from tissue samples)

•RNA sample concentration: >= 20 ng/ul

•Sequencing strategy: HiSeq PE150

•Data volume: 12Gb clean data for normal-depth sequencing and 24Gb clean data for high-depth sequencing

•Turnaround time: 60 days